Friday, 20 May 2016

Find QuickBooks Offers for Small Business and Accountants

QuickBooks offers accounting solutions for small businesses and accountants. Although many are available for high priced plans, quick books have features that make it be the most used accounting software in small businesses. Some of the QuickBooks small business support key features includes.

1. Dashboard-it highlights, and overdue invoices, cash flows and account balances as well as important upcoming tasks. With dashboard Feature, you can enable private mode which hides highly sensitive data from being concealed. With this feature, you cannot be in a position to view upcoming bills until they are overdue.

2. Estimates-with this feature, you can create quotes and mark them as accepted, rejected, pending, closed or convert them to invoices This feature is uniquely laid out making it easy to view estimates.

3. Time tracking- Quickbooks has an excellent time tracking feature. With this feature you can enter information from either daily or weekly view, with daily entry, it gives the option to start and end times. Unbilled hours usually appears on the customer page which can be added to the invoice with just a click of a mouse. However, settings can be adjusted to merge unbilled hours into invoices and send them automatically at any specified interval.

4. Invoicing-with invoicing feature, you can filter and sort invoices through any criteria making it easier to find your search. In this feature, an overview page automatically alerts you of overdue and outstanding over dues and unbilled expenses. Invoice creation is quick and straightforward with few nice perks to create recurring invoices. With invoicing, you cannot mark an invoice as sent manually.

This feature consists of 5 invoice templates within which, you can add a logo, choose between 3 font and 4 typefaces as well as customizing colors. With customization, there are further options which is limited to clients can pay invoices online using QuickBooks payments. Also, the processing fee of the Card is slightly higher than Wee Pay and PayPal.

5. Bank reconciliation-automatic feed setting is easy once you have figured out the process. Feature for corresponding transactions excellent allowing you to accept multiple transactions at a go rather than opening each transaction individually. Accounts payable with this feature, feeding, and sorting of bills become accessible where you can purchase and convert orders into bills when printing a check linked to a bill, the bill automatically marks as paid 

6. Reporting-QuickBooks simple start offers 21+reports, essential offers 41+, and additional offers 64+.some of the excellent options here include company snapshot and a year comparison of income and expenses. Users on plus plan can create and compare a budget with actual revenues and expenses. With QuickBooks reports can be downloaded as printed, e-mailed or xls files.

For decades, QuickBooks has defaulted go to software for small business. The software offers great useful features which strike a balance between ease of use for good accounting practices.

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